Appointment Requests and Reminders

by Dentistreet

Peoples' lives are busier than ever before in history. Patients usually squeeze in a quick half hour from work to tend to their dental needs. Spending large amounts of time on the phone and in waiting lobbies can be frustrating. That's not even taking into account how often patients have to wait on hold (or call back after not being able to get through) simply because your lines are too busy, and your receptionist is too flustered.

By using Dentistreet, you can provide your patients with the opportunity to book appointments (and receive reminders) all from your website. Studies indicate that 17% of patients have scheduled appointments through a website at some point in their lives. 42% said they would have done the same if they could; have but did not have the opportunity. These numbers are projected to rise as the years go by. People crave convenience; and if you can give that to them, you will automatically place yourself far ahead of your competitors.

However; Dentistreet is so much more than an appointment and reminder system. Our vision boils down to one thing: Communication. It forms the foundations of any business relationship; and your dental practice is no exception. Letting your patients request appointments through your website will have a vast impact on your patient flow. Reminders mean fewer no-shows and missed appointments which could have been filled with paying patients.

When your patients request an appointment through your website, they enter their insurance details, personal and contact information and the service they require. Providing this information at their own pace and time and at the convenience of their own homes allows them to give you accurate and complete information without rushing.

Manage all your appointment requests through the Dentistreet Admin Portal. Search appointment requests, Update appointment statuses, and Send appointment reminders easily. What's even more awesome is how the system can send out a Patient Feedback Request to the patient after an appointment has completed!

Dentistreet is HIPAA compliant